• It is with great pleasure that we recommend Angel and the team at Artechne. Angel and Chris did a sensational job in building our new house in Randwick, and not only did they build a special home that we love, but they were fabulous partners along the way. The result was fantastic and everything we were hoping for, and the process was even more enjoyable. They constantly checked in to consult on the build, providing feedback and discussing the plans and updating us on progress. We could not have been happier and would recommend Angel and the team highly.

    Mark & LucyOwners, Black House
  • We have been appointed by our clients as architects for their new two storey home in Matraville. The project involves reinterpretation of the traditional house on the quarter acre block within a conventional suburban residential block, with only the concrete swimming pool remaining from the original building on site. By the time Artechne joined the project team, the proposal has been approved under the CDC process and the detail design documentation has been substantially completed.

    It is at this point that Artechne produced a detailed cost plan which assisted the client to better understand the required budget and to make the required outstanding design decisions. Throughout this process Angel Roumeliotis was very engaged, helpful and provided detailed information in a timely and professional manner. His skill and experience as architect as well as the builder was particularly helpful both to us and to the client in assessing various design alternatives and agreeing on the preferred way forward. This enabled the signing of the lump sum contract and the commencement of construction in late 2016.

    This project is currently in construction and approaching lock-up. The built outcome is of a very good quality and it reflects Artechne’s high level of construction skill and experience and their detailed consideration of processes involved in executing each designed element as intended. Their efficient yet flexible management of the project is evidenced by their timely forward planning and handling of the site issues so that the client is able to make the remaining decisions, and even some late changes to design, without any negative effect on the program. Artechne’s attention to detail is also prevalent in their relations with the clients and sub-contractors which coupled with their appreciation for design quality and a sound work ethic helped to establish a concerted and rewarding team environment.
    We are delighted to have partnered with Artechne to deliver this beautiful home to our clients and look forward to future opportunities where we can collaborate with Angel and his team again.

    Mladen PrnjatovicDirector, TZANNES
  • I first worked with Artechne when they built my current home in 2010. It was the first time I had worked with a builder that did not take on an adversarial relationship but really felt like we were working towards the same goal! The result was an extraordinary building that was awarded the best house in the state (Wilkinson Award for Residential Architecture 2011). Looking at the complexity of its design and build, I am so relieved and grateful that we managed to work with a partner that was not only driven and obliging but also had the technical and architectural skills to achieve a fantastic result.

    I next worked with Artechne on the restoration, refurbishment and revival of Paramount House. Again, they were a pleasure to work with, especially on such a complex heritage project, and, once again, the result was exceptional – a commendation by the Australian Institute of Architecture Awards (2014 Heritage – Creative Adaption).

    I am currently working with Artechne once more as they manage the refurbishment of a warehouse to a boutique hotel and the transformation of a disused rooftop to an outdoor landscaped health club.

    In short, I find Angel and Chris to be honest, diligent and intelligent with extensive knowledge and experience in the building industry. I would strongly recommend Artechne as your partner for any residential or commercial project.

    Ping Jin NgClient and Patron
  • Artechne are architects who build… their peers designs.

    Artechne has formed an extraordinary building company made up of architects, who enhance the architectural process.

    We thoroughly enjoyed building with Artechne. Design problems were resolved together with solid architectural detailing and thought processes at the forefront of Artechne’s expertise and passion.
    Artechne surmounted site problems with a “can do” attitude that brought a welcome momentum to our project. Their beautiful crafting of our design contributed directly to the high quality of the finished residence.

    Tina Engelen & Will FungCO-AP
  • Artechne were exceptional. They bought a strategic approach to a complex project and worked tirelessly to drive the timely delivery of a high quality, bespoke hotel in a heritage context. We couldn’t have done this without them.

    Jeremy McloudPrincipal, Breathe Architecture